Hand Built Tattoo Machines

Ruethless Irons

Hand Made Tattoo Machines Built By An Artist For Artist


RUEthless Irons

Custom Built Tattoo Machines

I build Custom Builds To order Roatrys , and Coil Machines Just let me Know what your wanting your tool to do for you . If your not sure send your work and what groupings your using I myself am a Tattoo artist so I build for Artist

Hand Made Hand Built High Quality

All my Machines are Built Here In Houston Texas. Hand Built and Hand Made with Highest Quality Material's

Guaranteed Due To Natural Wear and Tear

Each machine is Guaranteed Due to Natural Wear and tear . Spring snaps , Motor Malfunction's . I Stand Behind my Builds and truly apricate every artist who trust me to build there tools for the trade

Hand Built

Each Build Is Hand Crafted Hand Built and Built to Be a Everyday Tool Making Your Job Easier

Serval Sliders

Sand Casted And Poured

Hand Crafted and Built

Buy a Artist For Artist